The TRI Federation welcomes you. As the Founding and Governing Body of the emerging sport, TRI, the TRI Federation is responsible for education, game/sport development, recruitment, event management, and international coordination of competitions. Thanks to its existing promotional channels, global grass roots following, and growing networks the company is poised to launch the sport in strategic locations, expanding events and leagues.

The Federation plans to expand and solidify its established networks, and build a modest revenue stream through sponsors, merchandising and coaching. Every year several major events are are held to increase visibility, cultivate player talent, establish sponsor relationships, and generate revenue.

With an exclusive partnership, Master Athletics supports the TRI Federation with designs, manufacturing and distribution of all TRI equipment. Both MAL and TRI Fed share similar management and stakeholders and are part of a joint business strategy. With combined efforts the TRI industry is expected to survive initial sports criticism and thrive in several international sports markets.

Why TRI Works

Matrix of some of the world’s top team activities, rankings defined by 3 core values.

The matrix analyzes the top 8 global sports under three main necessary elements that can have positive effects on a global success: Culture, Rules and Tactics.

These factors were determined after conducting intensive research and interviews with both potential audiences and participants. Research and interviews concluded that audiences and participants appreciate sports based on special characteristics of three main elements TRI was designed based on these conclusions:

Rules (Simple) TRI is easy to learn, simple game play and clear objectives

Culture (expressive) TRI allows for the ability to customize, re-invent, and inspire

Tactics (Aggressive) TRI is combative competition and tense branded rivalry